Upcoming Activities — December-March

Portland Front Porch Project

During the winter season of rain and wind, we will maintain our 9/11 outreach by taking advantage of the abundant covered porches of Portland’s residential neighborhoods. In our “Front Porch Project,” we are visiting the homes of Portland residents, first to attach an information flier to their doors, then returning to discuss the flier and other 9/11 evidence with the people living there. All of this one-on-one outreach is taking place on these covered porches, out of the rain and much of the wind.

For residents of these houses who are new to the 9/11 evidence, we are introducing it using the AE911Truth street brochure, our own fliers, hand-made DVDs, and hard copies of the 50-page book, “Beyond Misinformation.” People who already know the evidence are being asked to sign the AE911Truth petition and our email contact list. Everybody is being invited to attend the live Richard Gage event that is being planned for March, 2016. (More details on this event will be coming.)

If you would like to learn more about this project or participate yourself, send an email to: PortlandAE911Truth@yahoo.com.